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Hello @t1aliabentley.

Talia Bentley, T1 diabetic, Instagram influencer, promoting health and fitness.

What we did.

Brand IdentityBrand StrategyDigital Design

The situation.

Talia, an established Instagram influencer teamed up with Stand Out, with the aim of helping her turn her influencer success into a business. Therefore this meant starting from the bottom with a brand strategy, visual identity and a new website.

Our solution.

The main logo comprises of three key attributes that come together to represent Talia.

The first is “T1” is hidden in the “TB” formation.

Secondly, the full stop at the end of the wordmark is not actually a full stop. It is Talia’s implanted Glucose Monitor.

Finally, the shape of the “TB” in the logo is Talia as it is designed to reflect the curve of her body.

Working with George, and the Stand Out team has been my most exciting project to date, especially because I have never met someone so creative and passionate. To sum up, the project has enhanced both my brand and opened new opportunities within my career!

Talia Bentley – @t1aliabentley

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