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Legacy meets success with River Black.

A new name and a new feel for a Manchester-based Investment firm.

What we did.

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The situation.

Formerly known as Valpen Capital, our brief had two main focus. We had to discover an all-new name that encompasses a strong connection to the financial services industry. Secondly we had to create a perception of establishment and trust.

Our solution.

The name “river” is a metaphor for the ongoing flow of money and wealth, while “black” reflects a positive gain in the stock market.

The visual identity is a simple logo formation using a disconnected serif typeface. The “v” in River and the “a” in black sit on the same axis to create a mirrored image that we have adapted to become a logo symbol.

Stand Out thinks about every detail of your business, and then crafts stunning visuals that make you proud of your company.

Ricardo H Penswick – MD, River Black Capital

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