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From Nationwide to ‘N’.

High stakes re-brand for the medical Reporting industry.

What we did.

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The situation.

Nationwide Medicolegal approached us with two tasks, the first: develop a new and simplified name for the brand. The second: create a visual identity that can be used for the existing name and the new name, in order to make the renaming transition smoother.

Our solution.


Our renaming solution was rather simple, we turned Nationwide Medicolegal into N medical.

The brand identity.

To develop the new identity our approach was to work backwards and first develop the N medical identity, then adapt it. Our solution was to create a logo mark that will serve as the primary focal point of both identities and the name change will only affect the type form. The N mark is made up of 4 dots. These dots represent the 4 key parties involved in the companies practise: law firms, insurance companies, victims and medical practitioners. N medical is the link between these parties, the nature of the business is to connect and bring them together.

A great experience. Stand Out knew what we wanted before we did! The branding was shown to us in one of the best design presentations I have sat through.

Tim – Director, Nationwide Medicolegal 

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