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Set sail with Crew Board.

Crew Board, the yachting recruitment platform, set out to streamline the world of yacht recruitment.


What we did.

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The situation.

We were approached to help conceptualise and develop an entirely new yachting recruitment platform.

Our solution.

We discussed name generation in great depth and worked to understand what the brand stood for. After some deliberation, we had a eureka moment and suggested ‘Crew Board’. The client was in love right away and we never looked back.

The name ‘Crew Board’ is a simple yet effective play on words, where captains can see candidates on the site, aka they see a board of crew.
For candidates, we are placing crew on board of yachts, so the ‘Crew Board’ name perfectly suits both sides of what recruitment is about.

The Crew Board UX and UI was designed with one goal in mind, the simplicity of use. We aimed to wrap complex functionality within a minimalistic user interface, that at the same time adds advanced functionality and complexity to a somewhat traditional industry.

As with most young businesses funds are never limitless, as a response to this we designed CB with adaptability and scalability in mind. The whole design is modular, which for a project this size is unique in itself.

We derived the Crew Board colour palette from the subtle and mellow tones of the sea. With beige representing sand, light blue representing light water, and the dark blue representing the deep sea.

Stand Out has an outstanding design team led by George James. They helped build Crew Board from the ground up.

Chay Hodgson – CEO / founder, Crew Board

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