Brands are

They require nurture love & care in order to grow & thrive.

Our process.

As clichéd as it sounds, building and maintaining a healthy brand is just like building your dream home.

This is our holistic approach to branding, and this is how you are going to stand out.

Brand strategy.

Step one is the brand strategy, think of this as the blueprint, that defines what we are building and how.

The purpose of the brand strategy is to clarify and define your brand, getting to the core of its mission.  

The key steps in brand strategy are:

  • Defining customers
  • Brand positioning
  • Core messaging
  • Look and feel the direction
  • Naming
  • Voice and tone direction
  • Customer experience Funnel
  • Goals and prioritisation

Check out the work we’ve done on Talia’s brand strategy.

Brand identity.

Step two is brand identity, this is the actual building of your home.

Brand identity is the process of designing all the visual elements that represent your brand. In order to successfully develop a brand identity, we require a brand strategy phase prior to starting, as a successful design is born from having a great strategy.

Brand identity includes:

  • Core identity (logo, colours, fonts)
  • Stationary
  • Website / app design
  • Print design
  • Campaigns

Brand management.

Step three is brand management. Now that your dream home has been built, it needs continual updates and maintenance as your brand business grows. The design is never finished, it is always evolving and your brand should be no exception.

The secret to successful branding is consistency. The goal is to ensure that every contact point associated with your brand is communicating the same message. To achieve this we offer a long term brand management service where we will actively monitor your brand and consult accordingly.

To top this off we also offer an ongoing identity design support in the form of content creation to ensure that your brand stays up to date and on the topic going into the future.

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